Coffs Coast Little Athletics operates entirely on the involvement of volunteers. Without our volunteers, especially those in our Committee, we simply wouldn’t be able to operate. Volunteering provides the opportunity to be part of your child’s athletics experience, meet other volunteers. 

How can I volunteer?

There are plenty of easy and great ways to volunteer for our club, not all of which have to be fulfilled on a Thursday afternoon. If you would like to be on our Club Committee, or part of our support teams for Championships, Sponsorship, Volunteering, and Competition Nights, please email coffscoastathletics@gmail.com. These roles are extremely important and without them, our club can’t function effectively.

roles include:

Age Manager
Every season, we require age managers for each age group from U6 to U17. This role can be shared between two people. Each Age Manager will receive an information pack and support and guidance. Key responsibilities include:

  • Being a communication link between the Executive Committee and your age group.
  • Getting to know the children by name and encouraging their progress.
  • Getting to know parents and fostering a spirit of participation.

 Tiny Tots Parent/Carer – MANDATORY
Parent/carer attendance is mandatory for all children attending Tiny Tots. 

During Tiny Tots, we ask that you are responsible for:

  • Ensuring children remain with the group and are interacting in a safe, friendly and respectful way with their coaches and peers.
  • Being actively engaged with tots in the coaches’ exercises and games.

This allows coaches to give children the time and attention that they deserve to help them to develop skills and foster a love of athletics.

Zone/Region/State Championship Additional Duties
If your child competes at Championship events, you will also be required to volunteer for duties at each carnival. These duties are mandatory and are in addition to your Monday volunteering duties or your non-volunteer status.

Club Committee Positions
as our club continues to grow, so does the need for our committee. As we do this we require assistance with the following posiions and ask if you could spare some time to assist with the management of our club to check out the available roles below

How do I sign up for volunteer duty?

Age Manager, Session Managers and all other volunteer positions: 
Please email coffscoastathletics@gmail.com to learn more.